Community Roadmap

Quarter 1 2021

  • Inception of MoonBoy Protocol & Team

  • Research and development

  • UX design enabling simple, clean interface to create a innovative DeFi experience for mainstream users

  • Finalisation of MoonBoy Protocol

Quarter 2 2021

  • Fair Public Launch of MoonBoy

  • Multiple Audits of Platform

  • Stress test of Platform

  • Acquire partnerships to enable growth of MoonBoy LP pools.

Quarter 3 2021

  • Communication with Top CEX exchanges  Binance, Huobi, Kucoin & Coinbase in order to list MoonBoy Token

  • Community feedback on UX design and user experience

  • Evaluation of feedback

  • Implementation of updates and improvements on UX design

Quarter 4 2021

  • Developing base offices in Europe

  • Integration of Global markets.

  • Architecture of NFT Exchange completion

  • Expanding Developer Team by 30%

  • Completion of CEX Exchange